Health, Safety & Environment

Uncompromising quality and safety as one of our prime missions, zero tolerance towards non-compliance is the order of the day at GHS.

Strong commitment from the management towards safety has ensured a world class safety performance, particularly with due regards to being an E.P.C. Contractor. It is important here to understand that construction safety worldwide has been facing multiple challenges with regard to safety. Unskilled labour, temporary nature of the work, high risk activities, are a few to mention.

GHS Energy L.L.C., has got a very wide range of business – Oil & Gas, Hydrocarbon, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Power Distribution, and Desalination Industries. With this kind of business, it is easy to appreciate the wide range of activities involved in E.P.C. operations.

High Risk activities, such as working at height, extensive material handling, extensive earth work by using all kinds of Equipment and tools compounded with other operational challenges such as low skilled labour, stringent time lines and competitive environment, render safety at GHS Energy L.L.C., paramount importance.

At GHS Energy L.L.C., the safety culture extends to everyone associated with it. Safety at GHS Energy L.L.C., is the responsibility of everybody working for GHS Energy L.L.C., It is not merely about maintaining a healthy safety statistics, but to ensure that all those who are working for GHS Energy L.L.C., are safe and that everybody respects safety.

GHS Energy L.L.C., does not allocate a restricting safety budget. This open ended approach on safety budget is simply to ensure that, what has to be done to ensure safety of its workforce has to be done, be it training, work place safety implementations and monitoring.

Application of the international standards through adopting systems such as ISO 9001 and OHSAS certified Safety Engineers have ensured high safety standards and encouraged active involvement and participation of the entire workforce.